"Students – Better players"


My philosophy is to make golf practice exciting, challenging and effective. In addition, I believe that one must remember to keep the game of golf as simple as possible in order to achieve results. If practice and play gets too complicated, a player can get lost in technical drills which can lead to destructive thought patterns and bad confidence. I strive to help every individual to become as good of a player that he/she could possibly be.

How I work

I work with each student on an individual basis once a week. I also watch each player in tournaments, where I analyse that player‘s current game including weaknesses and strengths, course management and routines under pressure etc. Based on this, we make a plan of action of how to address potential issues in order to reach the player‘s goals. This analysis involves all the aspects of the game such as; the mental, social, technical, emotional and physical side. At the start of each period (month) I give each student an outline on what aspect we will be addressing. For my newcomers, I give a suggestion on what to practice, how and when to make it effective and fun. However, the more experienced students keep their own journals for practice. In addition, I give each student a file with golf drills and exercises and homework based on what we are addressing. I also watch them in tournaments as well as play with them on the course. If the student has the desire to go to the U.S for a golf scholarship, I help with all the necessary information such as; contacts for good schools and coaches, academic requirements and SAT tests.


My name is Armand Grobbelaar and I am playing off a scratch hcp. I am 17 years old and I am a member at Devonvale Golf Estate.

My top results include coming tied for 4th in the U/14 SA Boys and winning the Club Champs 2013. In addition, every year I get selected for a few provincial teams. My lowest round is a 63 at Paarl.

I have worked with Anna for 3 years. Anna is a really awesome coach. She always knows what she‘s doing and she always takes personal interest in her students. We work on the all the parts of the game of golf, not only the swing. If there‘s one coach that I would prefer to others then it would be her!

My name is Bianca Lohbauer and I am 17 years old. I started playing golf when I was 13 years old and currently playing of a 2 handicap.

I am part of the SA Elite Squad and represented South Africa at the Jakarta Junior World Championships Tournament in July 2013. I represent my province at Junior as well as Senior level and have done so for the past three years.

I have been Paarl Ladies Champion for the past three years and Pearl Valley Junior Champion for the last two years.

I have represented my school and province at tennis, hockey, golf and gymnastics but I decided to focus on golf. My lowest score is a 69. My strengths are my ball striking, short game and course management.

My Coach Anna:

There is more to the game of golf than just a good swing and Anna is one of the coaches that recognises this. Anna has a passion for developing her students and providing the highest quality of service. Anna‘s aim is to help us progress and reach our full potential, whilst enjoying the game. She goes the extra mile, is a good listener, thinks outside the box and honestly cares about her students. She told me to commit not doubt, trust not fear, joy not despair. It‘s remarkable how much my golf have improved since I‘ve been with Anna!!!

Handicap: 0


  • 1st on junior rankings in SA
  • 4th on senior rankings in SA
  • 151th on World Amateur Golf Rankings
  • 50th on World Junior Golf Ranking


  • Club Champion at Devonvale Golf Estate 2013
  • Provincial Colours and team player
  • SA Federational Colours
  • SA Junior Protea Colours
  • represented SA at 9 international tournaments
  • part of the WGSA Elite Squad
  • chosen to participate in the SA Women‘s Open - LET Event (2012 & 2013)

Best Finishes:

  • 1st Nomads SA Girls Championship - 2011
  • 1st Boland Junior Championship - 2011
  • 1st Western Province Junior Championship - 2013
  • 1st Southern Cape Open Championship - 2013
  • 1st Devonvale Club Championships - 2013
  • T3rd in the Kenako South African World Juniors - 2013
  • 5th at Jakarta World Junior Golf Championship in u/17 age group - 2012
  • tied 1st for the Ekurhuleni Junior Golf Championship - 2012
  • 3rd in South African Matchplay Championship - 2012
  • 3rd overall at GN Women‘s Open Championship and 1st the juniors - 2012
  • 2nd overall at Boland Senior Championship and 1st of the juniors - 2012
  • 3rd overall at KZN Amateur Championship and 1st the juniors - 2013
  • 2nd overall at Border Open Amateur Championship and 1st juniors - 2013
  • 4th overall at Eastern Cape Women‘s Amateur Championship and 2nd of juniors - 2013
  • 3rd overall at Gauteng Championship and 1st the juniors - 2013
  • 5th at NOMADS SA Girls Rose Bowl Championship - 2013

About Anna:

Anna has been my coach for 4 years. She has helped me a lot not only technically, but also with the other parts of the game - mental and physical. I really like working with Anna. She is very energetic and therefore make our practice sessions extremely interesting. Anna always comes up with new ideas and new ways to practice. This helps me to make practising fun. It also helps me to practice different types of shots that I can use on the golf course. Anna is a great role model. She is always living like an elite athlete and sets an example to all of her students. She is great motivation to improve yourself and to perform.

I have been coming to Anna for 2 years now. She has not only helped me become technically better, but she has also helped me become a more positive person on and off the course. In the two years I have become a healthier person, enjoyed the game more and dramatically improved my golf. Since I started being coached by Anna my handicap was cut from 8 to 2 and my personal best score in a tournament improved from 78 to 71. I don‘t think I would have improved so much in so little time if it wasn‘t for Anna‘s holistic positive coaching methods.

I‘m Crystal Beukes and I‘m 12years old. I‘ve been playing golf for almost 4years now,and my handicap is 7. I‘m a member at Stellenbosch GC and my best score is 77 at Stellenbosch GC. I represented Boland U/12 ; U/14 ; Boland B -team and Boland A. My best achievement was when I won the W.P.Ladies Champs B-Division at Mowbray with 8 shots. I also won the "Player of the Year" award in 2011, the youngest player to have every achieved that award. In addition, I won the Club Championships in 2013.

Anna and I work very well together, she never gets too complicated. Without her I wouldn‘t be where I am today. Thanks Anna

I am H.P. van der Merwe, 16 years of age and I have been coached by Anna for the past three years. With Anna it is not just about hitting balls on the driving range. Not only does she have a great technical knowledge of the game, but she is also able to translate this into practical teaching methods. Being a great golfer herself, Anna is able to demonstrate techniques that are needed for difficult shots. Teaching with Anna always maintains the fun element of golf and she walks the extra mile for each and every one of her students. Her comprehensive approach to teaching has ensured that all aspects of my game have improved and that they will keep on improving.

Chosen to represent the Boland Union at U-14, U-16, U-17, U-19 and U-23 level. Currenly ranked as the number one U-19 player on the Boland Order of Merit. In 2013 came third in the World Junior Golf Series event at Kingswood and won the Boland Junior Stroke Play Championship. US Masters winner in 5 years time!

For many people, golf is just a game that consists of a stick and a ball. But for the students of Anna, golf is a game of fun and excitement. Every lesson is well balanced, focusing not only on the game itself, but also the emotional and mental aspects. Already at a young age, I received homework to complete and every assignment helped in the furthering of my skill level, being it the mental or the physical aspect of the game.

Every lesson is fun and serious. Exciting and unique drills keep me on my toes and promote creativity which many golfers need in difficult situations. Another part of the lesson that helps is that Anna does not only focus on the technical side, but also applies goal orientated drills.

Anna‘s experience as a professional and collegiate golfer helps her students to prepare for life as a professional golfer. Her guidance in applying for colleges in America has played a vital role in my plans for the future since I started with her and I believe that other, younger students will also benefit from her experience.

Any young golfer who not only wants to enjoy this sport, but excel, will benefit from this unique and inspiring coach.

Anna, you are truly one of the best coaches anyone can ask for.