Holistic Coaching

Boland Practice – Ladies & Girls

Every Thursday of the month I coach the Boland Squad. I have decided to divide the squads into 3 groups, with an A, B and a C squad. The A squad players come twice / month, have an hcp of less than 10 and are a mix of ladies and juniors. The B-squad players are all juniors who have an hcp of 10-36 and I see them once/month. The C squad players have just graduated from the girls love golf program and have decided to take golf a bit more seriously, but they still don't have an hcp. I see these girls once a month as well.

During these squad sessions, I use my holistic coaching philosophy, as I do with my individual private lessons. We always start with a theory part discussing a topic that goes along with this approach (mental, emotional, social, physical and technical). Based on our discussion, they get optional homework that is in their own best interest to do. The practical part of the squad sessions is primarily based on short game for the A and B squad. However, the main focus is competition within the group as well as building a strong team vibe, hence we have lots of game challenges and team building exercises. Most of these players come to me individually for technical help. In the C squad sessions, I help the girls with their swings and we film every time. As these girls generally don't have a coach, I believe they need more emphasis on their technique. Come and join the fun of the Boland Squad practice!